Inverter Type Spot Welders – Prospot i4

We have been using traditional technology of transformer type spot welding machines till now but with the introduction of new generation high strength steel it has become difficult to weld as transformer type spot welder do not have sufficient welding power and the duty cycle is also low which results in overheating and affects the quality of weld.
The global automotive aftermarket Body shops have now moved to the next generation inverter type spot welders which are needed to efficiently weld the new generation steel as these Inverter type spot welder have high welding power with low power consumption. These inverter type spot welders can also effectively weld the normal steels.


  • Suitable for all models of passenger cars , SUV and MPV
  • Supports new generation steels like Boron , AHSS , HSS , TRIP
  • High squeeze pressure of 420 daN
  • Automatic adjustment of welding parameters
  • Displays the delivered current after each spot
  • Double acting cylinder guns with wide spreading electrodes
  • Low weighing extension arms of C-pliers to weld hard to reach areas
  • Dual amp setting easy to weld high tensile steels with low welding current
  • High welding power
  • Low power consumption – saves cost
  • High duty cycle : improves quality and increases productivity
  • Spot guns are water cooled – increase productivity
  • Self aligning electrodes easy to change C arms
  • Variety of extension arms – easy accessibility to jobs
  • Alerts the operator the quality of each spot (Approved or rejected) – ensures quality
  • Data Log feature : can manage and track weld history
  • Large LCD display – easy access