Washing Hoist 4 Wheeler – Ramp Type

Washing lift with platform. This Platform has been specifically designed to lift the vehicle by wheels in order to prevent fouling of the under chassis with the ramp in case of vehicles with low ground clearance. This platform has been extensively tested for suitability of all models of passenger vehicle and its installation will support both indoor & outdoor operations.


  • Washing passenger & light commercial vehicle
  • Lubricate passenger & light commercial vehicle
  • Support both indoor & outdoor installation
  • Platform (Integral ramp) in place of heavy duty ramps for easy lifting the vehicle with wheels in turn saves time & increase productivity
  • Uniquely designed wiper rings to prevent entry of water and dirt particles into the hoist cylinder while raising, servicing & lowering
  • Gland rings are used in the plungers to increase performance
  • High-grade steel plungers manufactured to close tolerance with hard chrome plating for high wear-resistant